Every show begins with a great design. We work hard with our clients to provide world-class designs, tailor made to accentuate performance and maximize impact, built with streamlined touring in mind, and always keeping budgets as low as possible.                   to learn how we make it happen for every client, every time!


Whether you need a top to bottom look at your strategies for lighting, or just want some advice on keeping your show file clean and easy to operate, EscsharDesign is here to help!                  to get more information on training, one on one sessions, or a quick look at your designs and show files.


Taking a design concept and turning it into cues and shows takes precision work, teaming with the lighting designer to make their vision come to fruition.                   to find out how EscsharDesign can help your designs and your visions translate into incredible shows.


Once the designing and programming is done, the gear needs to be prepped, the cases need to be organized, and the show needs to get on the road!                   to learn more about how we can make your lighting package easy to load in, operate, and load out, with minimal explanations and maximum efficiency!


The best designs are the ones that go on the road easily and successfully. Operators and technicians are CRITICAL to providing the smoothest run of show possible.                   to discover how we can help provide knowledgeable, skilled, and fun techs and LD’s to your upcoming tour!


The first step of any show day, having organized and clear diagrams, plots, and plans are essential to the success of any tour.                   to find out how we can help make your tour documentation easy to understand, detailed, and ready to apply to any venue!